Conceptual Design Services

We have a talented staff of professionals capable of providing initial design, detailed design, design review, specification development, construction management, testing and commissioning, and aftermarket technical support services.


Our group of professionals includes project managers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, specification development specialists, administrative bid support specialists, and all phases of airport baggage systems, aircraft parking design, gate and ground support, cargo and bulk mail/parcel centers project implementation personnel.  Approximately 80% or our personnel come from the baggage handling manufacturing and installation industry.

The conceptual design not only provides the client with a graphical representation of the design layout “Footprint” but also gives Project Managers the ability to develop preliminary costs and scheduling information.  The client can expect a cost benefit analyses and cost estimates for each option, including cost of equipment, operation, maintenance, repairs, and labor.  The client is also provided schedules for each design option based on phasing requirements and operational considerations.


The design will take into consideration all of the mechanical and operational challenges associated with integrating inline screening devices or new/upgraded systems.  The Project Manager and Design Engineer will consider ancillary space requirements including operations and control rooms, maintenance, and spare parts storage areas in their design.  Where there is an inline EDS and ETD screening solution introduced to an existing system, it is common for Design Engineers to develop redundancy into the design to prevent a complete and total shutdown of a system when there is a mechanical failure or work stoppage.