Aircraft Parking Design

With the ever-evolving aircraft fleet changes that occur at airports, it is imperative that aircraft parking be flexible to accommodate the widest range of aircraft types while allowing for airfield operations and safety.  One gate alone may be required to accomodate XX aircraft. Careful consideration is given to the aircraft positioning around the terminal and concourse buildings to accommodate aircraft support equipment, facility supplied utilities (power, glycol, potable water, etc.), ground operations, service & emergency vehicle access, safety perimeters, fueling and passenger loading.  As part of our Gate and Ground design services, CAGE provides aircraft parking layout design services that incorporate these critical elements to ensure a proper design is achieved.

Specifically, CAGE’s project elements for professional services include:



  • Perform Ramp Surveys


  • Development of aircraft parking and ramp marking plans


  • Aircraft/vehicle movement studies, modeling and simulation


  • Development of project schedule and budget


  • Preparation of procurement and detailed design packages


  • Construction administration and field engineering


  • Bid review and recommendations