Founded in 1997 by the former President and Senior Vice President of a major baggage and material handling systems supplier, CAGE Inc. is a diversified consulting and management company with specialized engineering experience in aviation support systems. Based in Irving, Texas, the company's primary professional services focus on planning, design, procurement, installation and commissioning of complex automated baggage handling systems (BHS), explosive detection and trace detection systems for baggage security screening, aircraft parking and movement planning, and aircraft gates support systems including Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB), 400 Hz ground power, Preconditioned Air (PCA), and potable water systems.


Ross & Baruzzini | CAGE Inc.’s full range of services are provided by a professional staff with extensive hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of applied technology, manufacturing, construction and application of governmental security mandates and processes.

Ross & Baruzzini | CAGE Inc. has delivered advanced engineering solutions in the field of airport information technology, security, and electronic systems and has worked in more than 200 airports worldwide including 90 percent of the largest US airports and iconic international airports throughout the Middle East, Canada, and South America. We offer fully integrated and innovative solutions for airlines, airports and passengers around the globe.

Greg Blunt
Sr. Vice President - Operations

Mr. Blunt has over 25 years of automated airline baggage handling systems to airports and airline customers, maintaining the technical responsibility for system-level and equipment-level designs.


Provided general project engineering support for the design, installation, and/or maintenance of systems at international airports in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, DFW, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and others.

Pete Bjostad
Vice President -
Sales &  Marketing

Mr. Bjostad has over 32 years of experience in aviation, aircraft support systems, baggage handling, and construction industries.  Peter has been with CAGE for 11 years.  He has management and executive experience which includes his roles as Partner/Senior Vice President of Aviation Systems, Inc., Business Development Manager at Siemens, and as Manager of the Material and Baggage Handling group for American Airlines.


His responsibilities included facility design and construction, as well as negotiating corporate interests with government/city regulatory agencies, airport authorities, landlords, and consulting/contracting firms.